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I have not received a key file. What should I do?

Repeat registration by filling in all the fields in Latin. Check if the email is correct.If in your mailbox there are several folders for incoming messages (spam, social networks,mailings, etc.) – check them all. Write a message to info@prodigident.com

I do not have a key file, but I urgently need to access ImplaStation. How can I do this?

Create an empty file named implastation and the .imkey extension (implstation.imkey) and place it in the ImplaStation folder. It is placed on the C drive by default. Cloud service and guide generation will not work in full.

I can not open the DICOM file. What should I do?

Check if the file has the extension dcm. If the computer tomography file has a .vol extension, it is recorded in a different format that is not available for use in ImplaStation. Contact the appropriate scanning center to overwrite the data in the open DICOM format.Some versions of the tomographic software store DICOM files without specifying an extension. Such files are opened without additional renaming and adding extensions, as usual DICOM-files.Save the CT DICOM file to a separate folder and try again.

How do I download the implant library?

To download the implant libraries from the server – click the add implant button. Click the “Download from ImpaStation server” button in the dialog window. In the opened menu, mark the necessary implant systems, and click the “download” button.To download a simplified user’s implant library – create implants of the necessary sizes in the implant designer and add the constructed implants under the appropriate name to the library by clicking the “add to library” button.For self-loading of a three-dimensional implant model to the library, make sure that the 3D model is stored in the STL format, the center of the coordinate axes is in the center of the occlusal surface of the implant, the Z axis is directed vertically upwards. Select the appropriate implant STL file, and add it to the library under the appropriate name by clicking on the “add to library” button.

When the program starts, an error message is displayed but the program continues to work.

“Empty” or not corresponding key file, or there is no communication with the server / Internet.

There is no list of packages in the payment dialog.

No connection to the server / internet

The prepaid “stl exports” are still available, but the program displays zero remaining exports.

No connection to the server / internet

The projects list in the cloud service is empty

No connection to the server / internet

While attempting to create a guide, the dialogue window presents an incorrect STL surface to which the guide is supposed to be applied.

  • turn off the display of all unnecessary STL surfaces
  • the first surface in the list is displayed in the dialog window of guide creation

In the dialog window of guide creation, the reference axis is initially directed in the opposite dir

Change the direction of the reference axis by clicking on the “maxilla” (or “mandible”) button.

Upon initial launch of the program, the interface does not appear correctly.

Update the graphics card driver. The program uses OpenGL technology, which actively uses the resources of the video card.

Manual – Download pdf

Error: Wrong answer status during registration

The most likely reason is that the program cannot connect to the server.

  1. Windows Firewall may be blocking the connection. Solution - add ImplaStation to exclusion list.

Windows 8.1

1.1 Press the Windows X keys, then select Control Panel.

1.2 Click System and Security.

1.3 Click Windows Firewall.

1.4 Click Allow a program through Windows Firewall to open the Allow programs to communicate through Windows Firewall screen.

1.5 Click to check mark the box for the ImplaStation. Note: If the program is missing from the Allowed programs and features: list, click the Allow another program... button and browse to the directory for the Implastation executable file (C:\Implastation\ by default), then click OK.

1.6 Click OK to close the Allow programs to communicate through Windows Firewall screen.

Windows 10

1.1 Right-click the Windows Start button and select Control Panel.

1.2 Click Windows Firewall.

1.3 Click Advanced Settings.

1.4 Click Inbound Rules, then New Rule.

1.5 Select Program from the Rule Type window, then click Next.

1.6 Click Browse below Implastation path (C:\Implastation\ by default) to select the program executable file, then click Next.

1.7 Ensure Allow the connection is selected, then click Next.

1.8 Select When to apply the rule (Domain, Private, or Public), then click Next.

1.9 Enter a Name and optional Description, then click Finish.

  1. Windows Defender (Security) may be blocking the connection. Solution - add ImplaStation to exclusion list.

Windows 8.1

2.1 Under Control Panel open Windows Defender

2.2 Select the Settings tab.

2.3 From the left panel, select Excluded files and locations.

2.4 Click Browse to add the Implastation executable file exclusion (Path -C:\Implastation\ by default).

2.5 Click Add

2.6 Click Save changes.

Windows 10

2.1 Click Start

2.2. Choose Settings.

2.3 Choose Update & Security.

2.4 Choose Windows Security.

2.5 Under Virus & threat protection select Manage settings.

2.6 Under Exclusions, select Add or remove exclusions.

2.7 Select Add an exclusion.

2.8 Select file Implastation.exe (Path - C:\Implastation\ by default)

Windows 11

2.1 Click Start

2.2 Open Settings.

2.3 Under Privacy & Security select Virus & threat protection.

2.4 Under Virus & threat protection settings choose Manage settings.

2.5 Under Exclusions select Add or remove exclusions.

2.6 Select Add an exclusion and then select file ImplaStation.exe (Path – C:\ImplaStation\ by default).

  1. Another antivirus program may be blocking the connection. The solution is to add the program to the exclusions list. Please refer to the instructions how to add to the exclusions list for your antivirus program.
  1. Router may be blocking the connection. Try to turn off or configure the router security limitations.
  1. Internet provider security settings may be blocking the connection. Try another internet connection.

Error 204: Invalid key for this version or computer

Fill out the registration form again on the computer on which you want to run ImplaStation. Receive a new key file to the specified email address and use it on that computer only. To register into an existing account, use the same email address that was specified in that account - all prepaid export credits and files in the cloud storage will be available. Invalid key file can be deleted (red cross )

Key error after updating ImplaStation.

See solution for Error 204: Invalid key for this version or computer.

Error: Can`t create a TEMP-file.

  • Windows
It is not enough hard drive space on your PC
  • macOS
ImplaStation does not have permission to create or modify files on your mac. To provide it, select the Apple menu, System Preferences, Protection & Security in the sidebar. (You'll probably need to scroll down.). Click Files and Folders. Find ImplaStation in the list and enable access to files and folders.

No DICOM files in the path…

  1. Make sure that the specified path contains files with the “dcm” extension or DICOM files without an extension. Files with extension “vol”, “dat”, etc. – are not DICOM files.
  2. Rename the folders in the file path so that they only consist of numbers and EN characters.