Terms Of Use

ProDigiDent (the Manufacturer) provides the ImplaStation software product (hereinafter – the Software) for dental implantation and surgical guides planning.

Users can not make changes to the policies, design, program components of the Software.

The Software is intended for use by qualified users.

Before using, users should be familiar with the User Manual.

Before starting, the user must ensure that the Software is installed and functioning correctly.


The manufacturer is not responsible for the quality of the user-planned treatment in the Implastation planning program.

The Manufacturer is not responsible for the results of the patient’s treatment.

The Manufacturer assumes no responsibility for damage or injury that may arise as a result of user’s planning and treatment.

The Manufacturer disclaims any liability for patent infringements that users may commit while utilizing the Software.

Accepting the terms of use, the User confirms

The user assumes all responsibility for the use and results of using the Software;

The user assumes all responsibility for monitoring the implementation of various phases associated with the Software use and subsequent phases associated with the results of the Software use.

Users are solely responsible for understanding the applicable patents in their territorial jurisdiction and potential patent infringements related to products planned using the Software.

Before surgical guide creation, the user must be satisfied in correctness of his planning in stages.

The user understands that ignoring certain steps and criteria can lead to incorrect planning and unusable surgical guides.

In particular, the following should be done

  • The user must ensure that the DICOM and STL files downloaded into the Software are up-to-date, with sufficient visualization quality for implant treatment planning;
  • The user must ensure that the alignment of surfaces, if carried out, is performed accurately and correctly;
  • The user must ensure that the marking of the mandibular canal and critical zones has been carried out correctly;
  • The user must ensure that during the implant position planning, there is no collision of the implant and its elements with the mandibular canal, other implants, teeth and other anatomical structures;
  • The user must ensure that the planning was carried out carefully, the most appropriate implant and related elements were selected, the safety zone was taken into account towards the existing teeth, dental restorations, main anatomical structures and the proposed final restoration solution;
  • The user must be satisfied with the medical and clinical aspects of his planning;
  • The user should know and understand the peculiarities of use of surgical and related instruments intended for use during operation;
  • The user should be familiar with the technical limitations that govern the manufacture of the surgical guide;
  • The user confirms that he will check the quality, functions of the surgical guide before performing the operation;
  • The user confirms that the surgical guide is designed correctly, ensures a stable and firm fit throughout the operation, fulfills the intended functions;
  • The user should familiarize himself with the surgical protocol before the operation and check the compliance of the information in the protocol to the planned operation and the tools intended for use.

The requirements of these conditions, the protocols created by the Software and other information arising and taken into account when working with the Software, should be considered as an addition to the requirements of legislation and other documentation related to implantation, does not replace or abolish other documents.

Payments, refunds, and promotions

Payments for ImplaStation application functions/services are possible within the ImplaStation application. Stripe payment system is used for payments. Prodigident payment acceptance system complies with PCI requirements, and security is regularly checked by payment system providers (Stripe).

Refund policy

Refunds are possible for improper program functioning, specifically errors in surgical template file surfaces. Also, erroneously made payments are refunded upon request. To request a refund, contact support chat or email, providing your account identifier, reason, and supporting information (screenshots, files, etc.).

Delivery policy

Purchased services (prepaid export credit packages, etc.) are automatically added to the user’s account immediately after payment is processed.

Return policy

Purchased services are non-refundable but can be transferred to another account upon user request.

Cancellation policy

A subscription (if applicable) can be canceled by submitting a request (via payment system, support chat, or company email address) for cancellation before the automatic renewal period. Funds for the active subscription are not refunded, and the subscription remains active until the end of the paid period.

Card network policies

The payment processing obey the rules published by the card networks. Please take acquaintance with these rules: Visa Rules and Regulations, the Mastercard Rules, the American Express Merchant Operating Guide, and the Discover Network Rules (please contact Discover for a copy).

The terms of any promotions

The terms of any promotions are provided as is, do not negate, and fully adhere to the Terms of Use.

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Legal or export restrictions applicable business

You may not use the ImplaStation or purchase any Prodigident Product in or for the benefit of a country, organization, entity, or person embargoed or blocked by any government, including those on sanctions lists identified by the United States Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC). We do not claim, and we cannot guarantee that the ImplaStation or any Prodigident Product is or will be appropriate or available for any location or jurisdiction, comply with the laws of any location or jurisdiction, or comply with laws governing export, import, or foreign use.