The latest and the greatest ImplaStation update

ProDigiDent is excited to unveil its latest ImplaStation update, featuring several new and improved features that further enhance the user experience. Our development team has dedicated countless hours to ensuring that the software is even more intuitive and user-friendly than before


Improved DICOM and STL matching

One of the standout highlights of this update is the ability to combine DICOM and STL matching with automatic alignment, making it easier than ever to achieve accurate results.

Additionally, users can now combine two identical STLs completely automatically.

DICOM to STL Segmentation Tool

Another noteworthy addition is the new DICOM to STL segmentation tool, which enables the semi-automated extraction of bone structures even from noisy images. With simultaneous editing capabilities across all 2D slices and 3D rendering, this tool is designed to streamline the editing process.

We’ve also introduced a “3D Brush” tool for more accurate and efficient surface boundary definition, as well as tools for removing internal shells and editing surfaces created by AI.

Stackable Guide Module

The stackable guide module is the centerpiece of this update, making it simple and straightforward to create adaptable and diverse stackable guide designs, including guides for immediate loading.

The module is designed as a step-by-step process that can produce comprehensive guide sets in no time at all.

Expanded STL file editor

Finally, the powerful STL file editor has been expanded with a range of new tools that enable users to perform almost any task, including virtual tooth extraction and the creation of perforated membranes for augmentations.

With these additional features, the STL file editor is now even more versatile and capable than ever before.

ProDigiDent is excited to offer these enhancements to our valued ImplaStation users. Our team is committed to further innovating and enhancing our software in the coming months and years

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