The final result of planning directly depend on the users actions at the initial planning stage

There are many myths about implantation with surgical guides. Experienced implantologists not using guides, often argue that guided surgery is for inexperienced beginners. Inexperienced beginners, also not sophisticated in navigational surgery, assure that everything is so simple that there’s no need to think and worry about something. One of the examples that we want to show in this publication is inattention in planning. Digital technology today is widely used in dentistry and allows you to perform work with a fairly high accuracy. A human remains the main source of errors. Almost on each lecture on navigational implantation or guided surgery, lecturers pay attention that the final result is the result of preliminary planning. An error in the beginning, like a defect in the foundation, will cross out all subsequent efforts.

Implastation software is installed for free and has a built-in cloud service for project files exchange. This opportunity is actively used by software users for cases discussion, consultations and distribution of work. A project was sent to us for verification. At that time, a surgical guide was already created, printed and sent to the customer.

During the verification, an error was found in the key stage – stl-file of the oral cavity optical scan and CT data alignment. The customer was informed about the error immediately. This mistake is easily detected visually by careful consideration of the slices. The error was corrected and a new surgical guide was generated.

As an example of how significant a mistake can be, when inadvertently alignment the data of optical scanning and computed tomography, we give screenshots. On the first screnshot – you see how much the planned position (pink) of the optical scan differs from the real one (blue).

On the second screenshot – correct blue and not correct green guides, are generated for the same implants but for different support surfaces.

As a result, an incorrect guide would be located closer to the mucosa and drilling would have happened much deeper than the planned depth. Be careful when planning. Take advantage of the easy information exchange inherent in digital technologies in general and the ImplaSatation software in particular!

Wish you successful outcome!

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