The example of planning procedure with the “negative V-factor“ in the ImplaStation software

The distinctive issues of the case: full maxilla adentia with a limited bone proposal. Extensive distal defects of the mandibula with a limited bone proposal also. The implantation was planned for the both jaws in one project.

The software is able to create several panoramic curves, which allows you in such cases to switch for a better view quickly. It was planned to instal the implants with a closed sinus lifting on the maxilla.

The ImplaStation software allows you to plan drilling visually with the so-called “negative V-factor.” It is proposed to place an apical part of the implant in the sinus in such cases. Drilling is performing to the bottom of the sinus so as not to hurt the Schneider membrane.

Often, users have to perform various tricks in planning programs – either to locate the implant not as deep as it was planned, so that to control the depth of the drilling correctly, or, if the implant is correctly positioned, to keep “in mind” for how many millimeters you do not need to drill.

ImplaStation allows you to set the shift between the apex of the drill and implant in any direction and to control the position of all elements visually. All of these eliminate planning errors.

Plan your work accurately with ImplaStation!