The first question doctors ask themselves beginning their work with surgical guides – what sleeves should I plan surgical guides under. Often, planning software allow you to consider only the outer diameter and height of the sleeve. It is convenient technologically when the sleeve has a “border” limiting the sleeve immersion into the body of the guide.

Even such form usually raises questions. In some programs, it is necessary to “deceive” the computer, indicating only the sleeve body height and “keeping in mind” the border heigh. Such manipulations usually lead to planning errors. Even more difficult to work with more complicated shape of sleeves, that offers enhanced functionality.

Free software ImplaStation makes it easy to work with any type of sleeves, gives visual information to control all parameters and not to “keep in mind” anything.

User is able to download into the library any sleeves of complicated shape by himself. It is also possible to download stl-files of the so-called subtraction body for the sleeve – a figure that defines the shape of the sleeve seat.

The example of surgical guide under different sleeves with complicated form is in the image.