Para-nasal Configuration

There are several options to place implants the the anterior region (Zone 1) during full-arch rehabilitations, one of the rarer ones being the V-configuration or its modification the Para-nasal configuration.

By utilizing one of the core anterior anchorage points — the Vomer (V-point) — we are able to achieve bi-cortical placement and therefore great primary stability for immediate loading.

This is especially relevant in situations where the M-point is already taken up by a posterior implant or to avoid anterior Zygomas and Trans-nasal implants during severe atrophy cases.

The difficulty of this configuration which drives off most clinicians lies in the prosthetic predictability, meaning that it isn’t enough to just place the implant, you have to maintain proper angulation in between the implants, which can be a hassle due to one having to go into a more anterior vomer position and the other further into the palatal bone.

This problem, however, is easily solved by utilizing Guided Surgery techniques allowing for both precise implant placement and predictable restorative outcome.

By Dr.Maxym Prytula