Implantation Planning With A Fully Edentulous Of An Upper Jaw And Partial – Of A Lower Jaw. 16 Implants.

This case was planned together with the doctors of the surgical department of the Dentistry Institute of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.
A patient with a full adentia of the upper jaw and a two-sided extended distal defect. This case is noteworthy, since implantation was planned simultaneously on the upper and lower jaw.

The patient had functionally and aesthetically satisfying removable dentures.
The removable dentures of the patient were used as X-ray contrast guides for determining the contour of the oral mucosa.

The position of the crowns of the removable dentures was transferred to the project and used to plan the optimal position of the implants.

Installation of implants #1 and #2, at positions 17 and 18, respectively, was planned simultaneously with closed sinus-lifting.

Implant #3 in position 14 is set in conditions of limited bone offer. The precise positioning in all three directions was required during the planning.

Implants in positions 26, 27 were installed in a low alveolar crest, short and extra-wide implants were selected for this purpose.
Work on the lower jaw was carried out in a similar way.