Implant placing for the subsequent installation of the prosthetic bridge on multiunits

The patient came to the clinic after the teeth extraction on the maxilla. In the ImplaStation software it was planned to install six implants for the patient’s subsequent rehabilitation with a bridge prosthesis on multiunits. When planning implant positions, the specification of the multiunits was determined in advance (for angulation and margin height).

In position 15, 25 the angulation is 30°. In the positions 11, 13, 21, 23 – 15°.

The axes of the multiunits cylinders were designed in parallel and taking into account teeth position in the future bridgework. For this purpose, a scan of the patient’s removable prosthesis, obtained with the help of a computer tomograph, was included into the software.

For the accuracy of implant installation by using a surgical guide, not only the direction of drilling, but also implant rotation index and the depth of their immersion were controlled during the surgery.

With the help of a modified implant driver and original ProDigiDent sleeves, the operation was performed transgingival. Given that the patient spends a lot of time on trips it was suggested to use a removable denture as a temporary construction.


The control CT