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The choice of the sleeves

The first question doctors ask themselves beginning their work with surgical guides – what sleeves should I plan surgical guides under.

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Implant installation in a limited space by using a surgical guide

The patient was observed in a connection with resorption of the central incisor root.

He asked for a doctor’s help because of the traumatic fracture of the incisor root.

After the root remnants extraction, a 4.0 x 14 implant was planned to instal with a simultaneous addition of osteoplastic material.

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Non-standard use of the guide to remove the bridge prosthesis.

The patient came to the clinic with the unsatisfactory situation with the bridge prosthesis on implants. CT scan revealed the disintegration of one of the implants, which was the support of a massive non-removable structure.

Due to long-term use of cement fixation, it was not possible to remove the bridge by traditional methods.

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