Implant installation on the maxilla case when the bone proposal is limited

This case is provided by one of our partners. Implant installation was planned in position 15.

The implantation zone is limited by the roots of teeth 14 and 16, and relatively small height of the crest (nearly 5 mm).

The doctor chosed 4.5 x 7mm implant in this case.implant planning in implastation

Implant  apical part is located between the root of the 14 tooth and the bottom of the sinus. The occlusal part is inclined toward the tooth 16.

Therefore, it became possible to increase the implant length immersed in the bone, while maintaining the prosthetically correct position of the implant platform.

Implantation is planned in a free Implastation software.

DIO UF 4.5×7 implant, ProDigiDent Mistral kit, PEEK guide sleeves were used in this case.

The surgical guide was printed on a Formlabs2 3D printer.

The accuracy of the installation is confirmed by a control CT.control ct in implastation